Chuck Groom
Consulting CTO, Entrepreneur in New York City

Consulting CTO Model

A good CTO is a professional who wears many hats to help a business to shape its strategy, to execute on its vision, and to build a cohesive team.

But what if you don't have the infrastructure to hire a full-time CTO? Or if your team is in transition between leaders, and you need support right now? Or you're facing one particular challenge?

As a consulting CTO (or VPE), I can help you. I offer three types of engagements: consulting to deliver a solution to a problem (days or weeks); fractional CTO to provide technical strategy and team support (months); or advisor for coaching and company strategy (long term).

I solve problems like:

  • Technical strategy - how to get started on building a new product?
  • Team alignment - does the direction make sense to everyone? Are people contributing ideas? Are they set up to take ownership?
  • Building a great team - who should we hire, and what is our process? Can we get internal support to vet those first few key hires?
  • Coaching - how do we grow our engineers into leaders? How can leadership "bridge the gap" with their engineering team, so there can be cross-functional collaboration?
  • Transition - how do we stabilize and support our team in a time of change?

About Me

20+ years of experience as a software engineer, manager, and business leader. I founded and sold two startups (BillMonk, Precision Polling), and built two business units from scratch in rapid-growth startups (Audience at SurveyMonkey grew to a $20+ million ARR business; and Marketplace at VTS was the fastest-growing product in proptech history).

I'm here to help software startups get off the ground. I enjoy growing teams, coaching engineers and leaders, and collaborating to find solutions to real-world problems.

  • Serial entrepreneur with two successful exits
  • Experience managing engineers and managing managers
  • Extensive recruiting background, with 800+ engineering inverviews
  • Have worked at numerous early- and mid-stage startups, as well as at Amazon
  • Strong in Python, Ruby, PostgreSQL
  • Computer Science degree from Swarthmore College
  • Prolific writing about startups

See my LinkedIn profile for more details.

How We Can Work Together

Client engagements start with a call! Pick a time below to talk.

For significant engagements, I'll suggest we arrange a follow-up 2-hour workshop (no charge) with leadership to discuss the challenges the team is facing. This gives us an opportunity to develop a shared understanding of the problems, and for you to be comfortable with my style of working.

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